5 Reasons Why Investing in Quality Fencing Matters

Invest in a quality pool fencing service to ensure safety, legality, and privacy. By securing your pool area with our professional fencing service, you’ll prevent drownings, stay compliant with regulations, enhance privacy, lower insurance costs, and achieve significant long-term savings.

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1. Preventing Drownings

Pool fencing laws are in place to protect your little ones and furry friends from the dangers of unsupervised pool access, significantly reducing the risk of drowning.

The Royal Life Saving Society – Australia confirms that sturdy, well-designed pool fences greatly reduce drowning incidents in residential pools. (Source)

The regulations specify that fences must be at least 1.2 metres tall and equipped with gates that self-latch and are difficult for children to open, ensuring there are no wide gaps that a small child could potentially squeeze through.

Thanks to these safety measures, the Australian Bureau of Statistics reports a 50% drop in drowning incidents. (Source)

As a caring parent, embracing these pool fencing regulations is a vital step in creating a safe play environment for your children and pets. 

This measure has become a fundamental safety practice across Australia, significantly enhancing pool safety for our most vulnerable loved ones.

2. Staying Within the Law

As caring parents, keeping our children safe around pools is very important. 

Following pool fencing rules is crucial not only because it’s required by law but also because it greatly lowers the risk of drowning in home pools. 

These rules are specifically designed to prevent little ones from getting to the pool without supervision, offering an important layer of safety.

Choosing Pool Fences that Meet Local and National Safety Rules

Height and Design Specifications: 

  • The rules state that pool fences must be at least 1.2 metres tall. 
  • This height helps ensure that small children can’t climb over.
  • Also, the bars on the fence should be no more than 100 mm apart.

This close spacing stops adventurous little ones from squeezing through to the other side.

Gate Requirements

  • Pool gates should close and latch by themselves.
  • The latch must be placed at least 1.5 metres high off the ground.

This makes it too high for small children to reach, preventing them from being able to open the gate themselves.

Safe Zone Around the Fence

  • There should be a clear zone of 900 mm around the outside of the pool fence where no climbable objects like trees, bushes, or furniture are allowed.

This helps make sure children can’t find a way to climb over the fence.

By sticking to these rules, you create a secure area where your children can enjoy the pool safely and you can feel more relaxed, knowing they’re protected.

3. More Completed Privacy

Is Complete Privacy something you are looking for? Pool fences offer a solid barrier that keeps your pool area hidden from neighbours and people passing by, ensuring your privacy. This is especially important in neighbourhoods where homes are very close to each other.

Benefits of Pool Fencing

  • Stylish and Customisable

Modern pool fences are not only about safety but also about looking good. You can customise the fence to perfectly match your home’s design and landscaping, improving the look of your property while keeping it private.

  • Blocking Wind and Noise

Made from specific materials, these fences can block out wind and reduce noise from outside. This makes your pool area a quiet, calm place to relax.
With these features, installing a pool fence helps protect your swimming area and turns it into a private, peaceful spot that also boosts your home’s overall charm.

4.Keeping Insurance Costs Down

Making sure your pool fence meets regulations is crucial—it not only keeps your family safe but also affects your insurance rates and claim validity. Following these rules is a smart financial step for any pool owner, combining safety with cost savings.

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How Pool Fencing Could Lower Insurance Premium Impact on Insurance Rates

Insurance companies often offer lower premiums to homeowners with proper pool fencing because it lowers the risk of accidents. Many insurance policies require your pool to meet local safety standards for coverage. By ensuring your pool complies with these rules, you increase the chances of your insurance claims being accepted and protect yourself from possible legal issues if an accident occurs. 

  • Regularly inspect your pool
  • Keep up with the latest regulations
  • Get professional advice to make sure you meet all safety standards

5. Long-Term Savings

Investing in durable materials for pool fencing can lead to long-term savings and benefits. 

By choosing these materials, homeowners can enjoy reduced maintenance costs due to less frequent repairs and minimal routine maintenance. 

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When selecting materials for pool fencing, consider factors such as the local climate, the likelihood of physical damage (e.g., from pets or wildlife), and aesthetic preferences. 

Reach out to our fencing professionals today to discover the best materials tailored to your specific needs and environment. 

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Review of pool fencing legislation in Australia