How Much Does Glass Pool Fencing Cost?

With the many benefits associated with glass pool fencing, it is easy to see why this style continues to grow in popularity. Whether it is its aesthetic appeal, durability or ease of maintenance the advantages for homeowners are countless. 

However, as with any renovation or home improvement changes, the cost is also a key factor. 

In this post we examine this investment, explaining it in a way that allows you to price up changes for your home without having to worry about any unforeseen extras or add-ons not included in an initial quote.

The Different Styles of Glass Pool Fencing

When it comes to choosing glass pool fencing for your swimming pool area there are key differences you need to be aware of. 

These variations are:

  • Frameless glass pool fencing – Contemporary in style, frameless pool fencing sees glass panels installed seamlessly side by side offering a full field of visibility and uninterrupted views to and from your pool area. Rather than secured to frames or uprights, pool fencing installed in this way is secured into spigots.

  • Semi-frameless pool fencing – Semi-frameless pool fencing sees glass panels installed and secured to aluminium or stainless steel posts. No longer as popular as ‘fully’ frameless fencing semi-frameless panels can also be harder to install and maintain. 

How Much Does an Investment in Glass Pool Fencing Cost?

When calculating your investment for either a glass pool fence or glass balustrade we advise you consider the economies of scale, quite simply, the more involved the more cost-effective it becomes.

In this instance, our estimates are based on a typical installation ranging between 10 to 20 metres. We also include most of those ‘unknowns and unforeseen’ in order to give a more realistic calculation.

It would, of course, be easy to state a very enticing figure that would fit into almost any budget, however that almost always results in a whole host of surprising extras or add-ons. These usually occur when formal quoting begins, or just as the installer, sometimes with product in hand is ready to start which of course can see the initial quote ballooning beyond your budget. 

We strongly feel this is not very ethical and certainly it is not how we operate at SFG.

For both the frameless pool fence and balustrade (with a handrail as it is required in 99% of cases) our suggestion is to allow an investment of $350 plm (supplied, installed and with GST).

This can vary if custom design material is required, either due to regulatory requirements or aesthetics. Or whether you’re looking for different styles in the final selection process, this can include gate closing mechanisms and the handrail design.  

Other Factors That Affect Glass Pool Fencing Pricing

As we’ve examined, due to the materials used in the installation of the different types of pool fencing available, their prices can vary. 

As well as the differences in these components, no two glass fencing projects are ever the same. Your swimming pool area is likely unique to your property in some way, as a result, a range of other factors affects the cost of glass pool fencing, including: 

  • Glass panel thickness
    At Seamless Fencing & Glass we work with only fully certified toughened glass which has been designed to ensure complete safety.

  • Pool fencing height and width
    In NSW to abide with Australian standards, pool fencing is required to be at least 1.2m high (measured from ground level) while if a boundary fence is incorporated as part of the pool fencing, this height must be increased to 1.8m high.

    These are key considerations to bear in mind and not only affect the price of a glass pool fence project but also highlight why working with experienced professionals is preferable to a DIY project.

  • The type of spigot and frames installed
    We only install pool fencing with top of the range 2205 stainless steel hardware. This ensures the latest technical designs and best quality products for your property, ensuring safety and style.

  • The custom nature of the project 
    We welcome projects with unique and special requirements. Using our 25 years of experience designing and installing glass pool fencing within New South Wales, including the Central Coast and Newcastle areas we pride ourselves on listening, processing and discussing your needs.
  • The removal of old fencing or balustrades

    It may be the case that you have previously installed fencing around your swimming pool or balustrades around a balcony, but whether to meet updated pool safety regulations or for style reasons you’re looking to upgrade. If this is the case the removal of existing fencing can be factored into the installation cost.

  • The quality of materials used
    With pool fencing, partly because of its aesthetic appeal, it can easy to forget that first and foremost it is a safety measure. When it comes to swimming pool safety the one shortcut you do not want to take is with the quality of the materials and components you are installing at your property.

    At Seamless Fencing & Glass we pride ourselves on using the highest quality of products available. This may have some effect on overall investment but when it comes to safety we make zero compromises.

Glass Pool Fence Installation Costs

At Seamless Fencing & Glass we offer a no-compromise installation service. This means every project we work on tick all the necessary boxes, including NSW and Australian standards as well as any aesthetic and stylistic goals.

These regulations are just one of the countless reasons we would never recommend installing glass pool fencing as a DIY project. 

Calculating the precise distance required between the pool area and the fence, as well as the height requirements and the self-closing latch mechanism needed for gates means there are many aspects of the installation process that are best handled by an expert.

These key aspects are all factored into the custom quotes we offer for glass pool fencing installation projects. 

At Seamless Fencing & Glass, for frameless pool fencing we recommend budgeting for an investment of $350 plm which includes installation. 

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Pool Fence Installer 

Because of the importance attached to choosing the right pool fence installer, there is a number of considerations and factors you need to take into account before committing to a contractor on a project. 

These include:

  • The qualifications and experience of the installer or company you’re looking to work with.

    Have they completed past projects that are similar in style to the one you’re looking to carry out? A website gallery an be a great way to get an idea of the scope and style of the work they have completed in the past.

    Past testimonials are also a great indicator as to an installer that can be trusted to deliver on a project they have promised.

  • Clear communication channels.

    Is the installer being upfront with you in terms of the investment likely associated with the overall project and any unknown prices you may not have initially considered?

    They should also be happy to discuss a range of fencing options available. As the experts, they should be willing to discuss the advantages of frameless glass fencing with you in order to find the best fit for your property.

    If you feel like they aren’t being honest regarding the price or how long a project is likely to take it might be worth taking these warning signs seriously. 

Australian Standard Safety Requirements & How They Affect Price

As we’ve touched upon a number of times already in this blog but, the pool safety regulations in Australia as a whole and the New South Wales region must be kept in mind throughout each step of any pool fencing project. 

We have a dedicated blog post on the topic of pool fencing regulations and requirements of safety glass used around your swimming pool. 

Because of these strict rules, it is essential you partner with a fencing contractor who works to the highest of standards, in line with the most up to date regulations. 

At Seamless Fencing & Glass we pride ourselves on our no-compromise installation service while still being able to offer very competitive quotes, whether for frameless glass pool fencing or glass balustrades.